Bruce Bruinsma on The Retirement Reformation

Anna’s 2020 Digital Client Event

Every year we look forward to hosting our clients for a one night event, in celebration and care of our relationship. While 2020 has certainly presented some challenges, we decided not to let it ruin our long-standing tradition. Afterall, our clients are a part of our family; and we care about our family. This year, we had the pleasure of hearing from Bruce Bruinsma. Bruce is the CEO of Envoy Financial, our new sister company as of late 2019. In his presntation, he presents to us the topic of a passion of his–The Retirement Reformation. Along side this new perspective on retirement, he shares with us a story about a coffee plantation in Laos. You can read more about him at the bottom of this article.

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00:10 – Anna’s Introduction

01:18 – Tim Newell Opens

04:12 – Tim Gives Thanks and Prayer

06:48 – Tim Recognizes Anna

07:35 – Tim Thanks Clients for Trusting Harvest

09:50 – How Did Harvest Meet Envoy

14:45 – Anna Introduces Bruce Bruinsma

16:40 – Bruce Introduces The Retirement Reformation

18:50 – The Retirement Reformation Manifesto

23:20 – What the World Says About Retirement

28:24 – Extra Resources

29:00 – Brilliant Bolaven Coffee

38:45 – The Growing and Processing of Coffee

50:30 – Practical Application to Your Life

59:59 – Closing Thoughts

A Synopsis of The Retirement Reformation Presentation

In this video, Bruce Bruinsma shares with us a topic near and dear to his heart—The Retirement Reformation. The reformation focuses on shifting the traditional perspective of the ideal of Retirement. The popular way to view retirement is essentially as a 30 year vacation period. Instead, Bruce proposes that we take that opportunity to focus on lifelong ministry.

Bruce often refers to the retirement period in life as a Future Funded Ministry. Instead of stopping life at the age of retirement, you can use the opportunity to pursue ministry life. He says “God calls us to love, serve, and help others for a lifetime. In fact, He has been preparing us for this last season literally our entire lives. Sadly, countless Christians enter a state of spiritual dormancy not realizing or knowing how they can continue to have an impact for God’s Kingdom.”

In response to this mission to reform our ideas around retirement, Bruce and a handful of his colleagues put together this Retirement Reformation Manifesto. The manifesto lays out some of the key elements surrounding the reformation. It’s focus is in making it clear how we aught to view retirement. For many of us, our idea of retirement is formed by the American dream. Instead, if we take queues from scripture, we can see that retirement might look quite a bit different.

So what does Bruce’s coffee plantation story have to do with the Retirement Reformation?

While in and of itself his story is very interesting to hear, it showcases a very interesting point. God’s calling on our life often extends beyond what we determine to be “normal” for us. Before the plantation, Bruce knew nothing about coffee, nor Laos, nor what might be involved. On this side of the story, Bruce is more clearly able to see how this work impacts those surround it. It provides jobs, it provides opportunity to share scripture, it might even help provide funds for kingdom opportunities.

Obviously, this example is grander than we often see. However, the principle remains the same no matter the scale. There are ministries, kingdom opportunities, or even entrepreneurial opportunities for us to pursue during our retirement. The perspective should not be “we’re saving for retirement.” Instead, it should be “we’re saving for a future funded ministry.” It’s not a thirty year period of nothing, it’s a thirty year period of continuing to serve the kingdom.

Final Notes

This presentation was hosted by Anna Dujan and her team during her September 2020 Client Event. She helps provide Financial Planning and Investment Advice to all her clients in the Indianapolis area. If you need her financial services, you can reach her by email at or by her office number: (317) 520-8294.

Bruce Bruinsma

Bruce Bruinsma

Founder and CEO of Envoy Financial

Bruce has spent a career encouraging people to prepare for retirement through wise stewardship and consistent savings. Like Solomon’s conclusions in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, there is more to God’s plan for your life than money. Bruce joins with others as a Retirement Reformation Champion dedicated to reforming how Jesus followers view and live out the last decades of life. Finding Freedom with Faith plus meaning, purpose, joy and community.
View The Retirement Reformation Website

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