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I believe that personal wealth must be aligned with a person’s values and intentions.  What is important to you?  What is important to your family?  Do you really understand the impact of the financial choices you are making?  The answers to these questions will reveal solutions unique to you.

Video: That's What We Do

As your financial resources grow and mature, so does the responsibility of taking care of everything that comes with it. At Harvest we help you develop goals, track progress and analyze the effectiveness of our strategy. Check out this video to see what we we do.

Financial Planning in Retirement

If a financial plan is a roadmap for your financial goals, then an advisor is a GPS to help guide you. Give shape to your investment objectives by starting a financial plan with me today.

Encore Careers: Push Your Boundaries

Ready for retirement? Find out why many are considering encore careers and push your boundaries into something more, here.

Life In a Box

Do you know where everything is?  As life continues on we accumulate many materials and assets.  It can be difficult to keep everything straight and accounted for.  We at Harvest are passionate about comprehensive financial planning.  If your adviser isn’t providing this level of service, let’s talk.

A Partnership Announcement

For years I have been working very closely with Harvest.  Joining Harvest has played a huge part in increasing my ability to serve the clients around me.  While I have always been ‘partnered’ with Harvest, I’m excited to announce that we have taken it to the next level.  I’ve officially been made a partner of Harvest.  Please read my full announcement!


Have you ever looked at your 401(k) investment options and said, “There has to be a better way to manage this!”  Retiring is often a difficult and daunting task.  Figuring out how to manage your finances and selecting the right funds is confusing.  The good news is, YES, there is a better way!  401kActiveWatch provides a unique and helpful solution for managing your 401k Account.

About Harvest

Harvest Investment Services is committed to being a servant leader to our clients.  The term “Servant Leader” expresses our commitment to first serve our clients by helping them develop a personal financial plan and second by leading them into making the decisions that must be made to help them achieve their financial goals.

Some of Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
Investment Management
Retirement Strategies
Charitable Giving Strategies
RMD Strategies

Next Gen Initiatives

Teaching and sharing my knowledge with the next generation is a priority for me.  Being able to usher in a new generation of successful leaders is an honor.  Surrounding myself with smart, innovative, next gen talent is a wise move for my business, too! They shared their talents with me and Harvest.  The “graduates” you will see on this page have gone on to become financial analysts, lawyers, and MBA’s.  I have been proud to have had a role in each of their futures.

From the Greater Indianapolis Area

As an Investment Adviser and Financial Planner it is important to personally serve each individual through communication in person or by video calls.  Central Indiana is my hometown and the base from which I serve my clients nationally. 

Private Group Events

Just as families often gather together for a meal at the end of the day, I like to do the same with my client family.  Once a year, I host a special dinner and guest presenter to cover a topic  related to our shared interests.  During these special events, we share a meal, answer questions, learn something new, and stay connected in fellowship.

A Note From Anna


Thank you for taking time to scroll through my site and learn more about Harvest.  Feel free to contact me by email or phone with any questions you may have about our services and how I can serve you best. 

- Anna Dujan

Associate Investment Adviser, Indianapolis

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