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Indianapolis, Indiana

About Us

Harvest Investment Services, LLC., is a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.  The team of internal advisers, portfolio managers, and support staff based in Oakbrook Terrace serve their advisers and clients nationally.

Since 2016, our Indianapolis, IN location has provided Private Wealth Management to families from coast to coast. We serve families. That process begins with an understanding of what your wealth symbolizes to you.  Next, we assess to what extent you want your values reflected in your investments. Then, we determine what is necessary to ensure the successful execution of your wishes in the transfer of generational wealth.  We also facilitate and coordinate the efforts of other strategic advisors such as CPAs and Attorneys that may be necessary to accomplish your goals. It is our expertise, and we focus on understanding the needs of the people who entrust us with their legacies, ensuring their wishes for wealth transfer are honored, and developing relationships with the next generation.

Charitable giving is an important part of most Wealth Plans.  Tax planning is an important part of this step and solutions may involve Donor Advised Funds, creative use of Required Minimum Distributions, and our Private Equity offering.

For families beginning to build wealth, we offer tools to map out a plan for a successful retirement and establish and monitor the type of retirement plan that is right for them.  Successful plans must be flexible to the needs of growing families.

We are firmly committed to our desire to be Servant Leaders to our clients and good stewards of their wealth in an increasingly complex and challenging financial world. The term “Servant Leader” expresses our commitment to first serve our clients by helping them develop a personal financial plan and second by leading them into making the decisions that must be made to help them achieve their financial goals.

Your journey begins with a phone call to us.

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