Sharing Your Treasures

Aug 16, 2022

Charitable Giving

Often the first step in stewardship as it relates to giving is recognizing that it all (Time, Talent and Treasure) belongs to Him anyway. With that as the foundation, I would love to share some ideas about Giving Strategies.

You’ve heard of many of the ways you can give of the treasures entrusted to you to steward to further the Kingdom. They may include regular tithing, RMD strategies, Donor Advised Funds, and gifts of appreciated stock to name a few. Let me share some ideas with you that many have found to be helpful.
Consider rethinking your tithing. What if you could raise the amount of your regular charitable contributions? Have you ever thought of tithing on your gains? It is more than tithing a percentage of income, it considers the blessings received in returns. These are called unrealized gains. Let me share an example. Every January I create a Charitable Giving spreadsheet for a client. Among other things, we look at what she has gained the previous year and tithe or donate a percentage of her gains!

RMD or Required Minimum Distribution strategies apply to anyone over age 72 with an IRA. Each year the IRS sets a new dollar amount that needs to be withdrawn and taxed in that year. From that number we adjust each of our client’s charitable donations to help her to reroute the withdrawals to support her values all the while reducing her tax burden. And….yes, if you reduce your tax burden there can be more to contribute!

Let’s consider those women God has blessed with the talent to build a successful business. At some point entrepreneurs graduate to the next level, perhaps retirement, and sell the business they spent much time and talent building. Now with the financial reward they have just harvested they may be able to set up a way to accomplish funding future Charitable Giving. This is done with a Donor Advised Fund, DAF, and is usually a one-time larger contribution that becomes a way to fund the future of your Charitable Giving. It protects your Charitable Giving into the future!

Another strategy we have found to create legacy giving in combining a investment in a Faith-Driven Private Equity fund that Embraces Christian owned companies that are positioned to have high kingdom impact while reaching for high returns that combined with a DAF can create the means for extravagant generosity and generations of legacy giving.

Have you ever discussed with your Financial Adviser the extent to which you want your values reflected in your investments? You may wonder how this has a Kingdom impact. Biblically Responsible Investing, or BRI, involves seeking out companies that are Christian owned and whose businesses have a Kingdom Impact. It means excluding companies who do not share the same worldview. Advisers who consider the importance of BRI in their clients’ portfolios are generally funding the Kingdom in the same ways!

Do you have a Financial Plan? Has yours been reviewed and updated lately? There is no shortage of companies offering to do a Financial Plan for you, some at no charge. Make certain that the Adviser you choose is giving a values-oriented, comprehensive service to include your vision rather than his.
In summary, find an Adviser to share your vision, think holistically, and serve with a servant’s heart, someone who knows the strategies, too. She will help you chart the best way to share your blessings!

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