Technology For Your Success

Jun 29, 2020

Harvest uses many different technologies to aid and enhance your experience with us.


For tracking your personal net worth.

eMoney is your private, personal wealth website. Using it will allow you to track all your accounts, insurance policies, assets, and expenses in a way that will keep you successfully on track with your financial goals. It is available to all Harvest clients.

Redtail Speak

For reaching us by text.

Redtail Speak is a compliance-friendly, real-time texting and communication platform for financial advisers and their clients to communicate.
You will be sent an invitation from Anna. It is a personal way for us to text each other. Accepting the invitation will allow you to text me in a way that is preserved and compliant. Once you receive the text, please save the contact in your phone as Anna’s Text or Harvest Text, whichever is easier for you. Let us know if you would like to activate this feature.


Access and monitor your trading accounts.

Any time you want to check up on your account, update information, or just see what you have available, you can do so by loging in directly to the Charles Schwab Client Login portal. Harvest uses Charles Schwabs’s VEO platform to help administrate your account and keep the advisor connected to the client.

News and Events

Keep up with us. We often send out Market Updates, as well as releases for new content added to our library.

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