The Retirement Reformation

Jun 30, 2020

Traditional ideas of retirement have long been influenced by American idealism. What does scripture teach us about our later decades?

What is the focus of this book?

The current American dream of Retirement is synonymous with freedom. Unfortunately, too often it is framed within a context of ‘freedom from,’ with little thought about what this freedom will lead to… ‘freedom to’ is only an afterthought. Retirement is generally seen as a time of relaxation and self focus. However, God calls us to love, serve, and help others for a lifetime. In fact, He has been preparing us for this last season literally our entire lives. Sadly, countless Christians enter a state of spiritual dormancy not realizing or knowing how they can continue to have an impact for God’s Kingdom. The Retirement Reformation seeks to encourage and empower the 50 million Christians approaching or in retirement to embrace the calling God has been preparing them for.

Meet Bruce Bruinsma

Bruce has spent a career encouraging people to prepare for retirement through wise stewardship and consistent savings. Like Solomon’s conclusions in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, there is more to God’s plan for your life than money. Bruce joins with others as a Retirement Reformation Champion dedicated to reforming how Jesus followers view and live out the last decades of life. Finding Freedom with Faith plus meaning, purpose, joy and community. If you enjoy Bruce’s book or want to read more about the topic, this link goes to a page full of other book suggestions.

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